How Far Will Rupee Rise Against Dollar?

Its been only two days and the news has already taken every Pakistani by surprise and positive hopes; hopes that this new government of PML-N will bring about the much needed change to the economy and with its effective policies soon the government will be able to stabilize the economy and with that win hearts of millions of Pakistanis.

Only few days back Rupee was standing at 107Rs per 1$ and in just two days the ration has been 98Rs to 1 $. Almost a decline of around 10 Rs has taken place in these two days and the speculations are that more is going to be experienced by the nation in the days to come and that if policies continue to show their impact than this year and the ones to come will bring positive for the country.

With the positive change we mean here more investment flowing in the country and more investors showing their interest and faith in the market. This change is very necessary for the economy as it will create the ambiance of positivity where by not only investors will be affected but also the internal job environment will be more favorable.

The question that is creating curiosity for many Pakistanis is, what is the limit to the Rupee rising and dollar falling? How far will Rupee rise? Well, no one can say for sure how much will Rupee rise but one thing for sure that in the days to come some more good news is about to come for the Pakistani and those who have invested heavily in the country.

The Finance Minister, Dar has said that it will take him some time to make the Rupee as much strengthen as it was way back in 1998. He has said that he and his government will try hard to stabilize the Rupee against Dollar and that government has already taken steps in this regard; such as according to a report new policy include using the financial institutes to invest in agriculture to boost economy. Moreover euro bonds have also been introduced in the market after such a long time.

Lets see what impact these steps will have on the Pakistani economy and what are the ways in which this positive comeback will impact the economical factors both at micro and macro level. For instance more jobs and careers will be created such as software engineering jobs in Karachi, content jobs, marketing jobs and many more.

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Rise in Online Writing Jobs in Pakistan!

The title of this article is taken from the post “Online Writing Jobs in Pakistan”. I found this post while I was searching internet for any updates in Pakistani economical and social conditions. I was a little surprised when I saw this post as it tells you a lot about the upcoming content jobs in Pakistan and it tells you the direction in which the country is about to move. In past few years the job market in Pakistan has been down and the conditions has been not so rosy. In such a situation it is good to see that many people are opting for jobs in content writing and free lancing.

This also explains that how Pakistan has become number one member of and how it has left behind India and other neighboring countries. Other reason that supports growing content writing jobs in Pakistan is the growing accessibility of the internet connection in Pakistan. Thanks to PTCL broadband there are now more people using the internet broad band than few years back.

One cannot ignore that technology and development has taken a sharp turn in the past few years and that no economy sector has left untouched by its impact. Due to this change in the technology there has been a sharp rise in careers that were not seen before and one such is careers and jobs in content development.  It is high time that universities should incorporate these new careers and should introduce courses accordingly.

Not far is the time when universities will come up with departments such as writing careers and others. This will help in boosting country’s economy and making it stronger by supporting new and emerging careers like content writing. It is good to see that content development jobs in Karachi are rising with each year and this sector is also contributing a good portion in the total GDP of the country.

Not everyone can be a freelancer and it is not easy to be a content writer. Many degree holders think that it is easy to be part of content writing industry and to be a free lancer but in reality it is really difficult to become a content writer as it requires the writing skills and the knowledge to perceive the write up and deliver what is exactly expected out of them by the other party.

How important it is For Teachers to Have Some Professional Experience?

Only few days back news at a famous news site caught my attention. It is the reaction of that news that I am writing this article. The heading of the news goes like this, “Get out of the classroom and into the server room, teachers told”. The news was related to UK where it was being suggested that specifically in IT colleges, teachers must have some professional experience before they actually teach the future ITs.

The main concept or the crux of the news was that teachers should visit the professional IT departments so that they may have a better understanding of the link between studies and the practical life. This way they will know exactly what the big companies work like and what are they looking for in their employees. This insight will help teachers to play a better role in the curriculum. They will have the better knowledge of how things work in reality and they can then pass on this valuable knowledge along with the curriculum to students.

This knowledge will not only be helpful in IT industry and for IT students only but due to the importance of technology in every field, this practice will be helpful for students of all fields and will help them in getting jobs related to IT field such as software engineering jobs in Karachi. The use of IT and related things cannot be ignored by anyone. Be it research, dissertation, simple essay writing or an assignment you need to have good searching and IT skills in order to get it done.

Many times student lacks these skills and as a result they suffer in grades. With plagiarism policies made so strict students do not have any option but to buy courseworks online in UK and assignments from writing services. This again sometimes pays off and other times students tend to suffer because of bad grades. Also not every student specially the one doing part time jobs, can afford such a service.

Things should be made easier for students rather than making the rules stricter day by day. Making the rules stricter will just compel students to come up with more solutions some legal and others illegal but is not going to solve the problems. The real solution is to equip students with the necessary skills so that when given a task they know exactly what they are supposed to do.

Conclusively, we can say that the new step taken by the UK educational commission is very useful and has important implications on the education of UK. It is very important that teachers have some experience in the field itself so that they can create the right environment in class and when students graduate they have the right knowledge of how exactly things work in practical life.

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Revival of Pakistani Media Industry!

I have written a recent article on the revival Pakistani cinema and following this one is in the continuation of that article. This article further talks about the most talked topics on media industry and in particular the Pakistani cinema and the hype of its revival with few films that have given the much needed boost to the Pakistani cinema.

Lets start the article with the most famous Mandiwalla and his valuable comments on the Pakistani Media industry. It is just sneak into the saga of media industry and just my opinion.

ImageMandviwalla added that for that to happen, the nation’s movie producers might need to lift their principles. “Assuming that the movies are substandard, they won’t be acknowledged in the global business sector.”

The point when there is talk of movies, Bollywood and Hollywood were continually set to go under examination.

“You’ll be amazed that in the most recent two years, 57 percent of the incomes the [Pakistani] theatres created originated from Hollywood films and 33 percent from the Bollywood movies. Indian movies do have a bigger gathering of people however its the quality that matters,” said Mandviwalla.

Movie producer Meher Jaffri, additionally taking part in the verbal confrontation, highlighted the viability of silver screen as a device for correspondence. “Our nation has a low ability rate. Film might be utilized to instruct the masses. It’s the most ideal approach to send your message over and to create jobs and careers in event management across Pakistan.”

Talking about her film, Seedlings, Jaffri reviewed the positive reaction it had gained at worldwide film celebrations.

“It’s exceptionally energizing to attain worldwide distinguishment, yet the reaction here [in Pakistan] is disillusioning. There are restraints here, for example, the conveyance business.”

Mandviwalla prompted her to be patient and continue attempting. “When you go abroad, its much less demanding since there is an improved framework there. We have recently begun. There is so much it is not possible to do. Some will find the opportunity, some won’t. We have been exceptionally persistent for 25 years and battled for it.”

He included that there was no less than a stage accessible for producers now which was not there some time recently. “Like the way that you have a forum now. Yesterday, you didn’t.

We are making a stage for each producer in the nation exploring different avenues regarding advanced media and creating more jobs in different sectors of Pakistan such as procurement jobs in Pakistan.”

Mandviwalla noted that silver screens were getting digitalized and that might grow the chances for movie producers utilizing the new medium.

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Pakistan’s Self Employment is rising Due to Freelancing!

Pakistan is the third largest free lancing country and with that progress country is booming in self employment sector. Pakistan witnessed an increase in the internet connection and with that there has been a rise in the users of internet and needless to say that this increase is mainly in the sector of free lancing and self employment.

In a country where economy is already experiencing a downfall due to adverse economic factors, there increase in self employment is a ray of hope; a hope that country is going in the right direction and that with this progress more positive changes are expected. This change was also seen when in a recent graduating ceremony of a leading university in Karachi many young graduates were seen interested in their own businesses rather than giving interviews and going through the rigorous interview session and levels.

This site is said to be really happy with the way Pakistan has been performing as a free lancer and the people of Pakistan who have been participating energetically in this new type of employment. In total there are around 240,000 Pakistani registered as free lancers at Pakistan has been making waves and doing really good when compare to the surrounding competitive countries such as India, UAE and Saudia.

Byrnes, the person who is responsible for spreading the business of, has been spotted having some really nice comments about Pakistan emerging as a third largest freelancer country. He said that its remarkable that how Pakistan has been doing exceptionally well in this field and it is expected that in the years to come ahead more of such talent will be hunted in the country and the bar of self employment will be raised exponentially.

The best part is that Pakistan is not only running a good show in the giving end but it is also an active member at the receiving end. This means that not only is the country exceptionally well as a free lancer but it is also doing good as the clients as well, this can be seen from the fact that Pakistan is providing in total 4% of orders at, USA being the largest client with a share of 38%.

This development has fueled more development in jobs in content development. More and more people are now seeing content writing as their profession and are seeking it as a way of earning. This is a big step that will definitely boost the economy as increasing content development jobs will cause a positive impact on the economy over all. has reported that they have orders coming more for graphic designs and IT and it is good to see that not only rest of the world but also Pakistan prefers its content writers; specially the brand management jobs in Karachi are pretty much concerned with the job to hire content writers.


What does 2013-2014 Budget Brings for Pakistani Youth?

Whenever the reign of a new party comes, expectations reach heights and there have been very few times when our expectations have actually met reality. As most of the times interest of rich and influential is given preference over the interest of a common man. This year too, similar picture came on surface and once again budget was met with disappointment and shattered expectations.

When Muslim league N came into power with such a huge clean sweep, many expected a pleasant change especially in the major factors that define economy of any country. But it was a big disappointment to see that how things turned up. Before the party announced its budget, many speculated that major decisions regarding the economic factors will be seen and things will move to positivity for Pakistan. But the results proved otherwise.

Before the budget was actually announced by the party representatives it was leaked through sources that the budget was there to please the industrialists that is the supporters and financers of the party and that nothing was there for a common man. Taxes are the main source of revenue for any government and so as expected Muslim League has hit this sector and has introduced a new tax level of Rs. 150 billion that is most likely to hit the middle class sector Pakistan.

On the other hand imports are made cheaper thus increasing profit margins for the industry sector. This is surely going to impact the employment opportunities as more profit means more is there to re invest and more labor will be require likewise. But as far as a common man is concerned he is being crushed under the burden of taxes. There are many loopholes in the tax system of our country. Major players of the country evade taxes while the common man belonging to middle class is pressurized and is made to pay more and more taxes.

The main question that came into my mind was that what this budget of 2013-2014 has for the youth of Pakistan? Is there anything that the people of Pakistan specially the youngster can feel good or satisfied about it? Are there enough jobs created in field like software engineering jobs in Pakistan? I don’t think so. The reason being that the politician of Pakistan is too taken up by his own interest and in making his supporters happy, and he just misses the point that the fueling power of the nation that is the young blood is left unfed.


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Do Only LUMS and IBA graduates deserve a Good job?

How often have you heard or even experience if you are a graduate or a post graduate, companies saying “we only prefer candidates from LUMS and IBA”? Well I am quite sure that   you have heard this quite a lot and those who are not from these reputable universities, like me, often get annoyed by this statement that seems quite blatant and unprofessional.

Before we proceed with the article let me make myself clear that this article is not written to demean and disgrace any institute but just to show that remaining institutes are producing valuable and talented candidates too and these students are also worthy of equal job opportunities just as their counterparts in LUMS and IBA.

There is an open bias attitude that is apparent in the recruitment process of leading organizations that make pretty clear what their choice and preference is. This is strictly unprofessional attitude and must be pointed out to make sure that this behavior is not encouraging and is creating differences among the graduates on the basis of the universities they attended.

What these “respectful” organizations are missing is that there are talented and worthy candidates who may not be graduated from these preferred institutes but, these, if hired will prove asset for the company. We need to understand that organizations need talent and skills and that can be found even in a student who has not attended one of these preferred universities.

The purpose of this write up is to recognize that by limiting the profile of potential candidates, these organizations are missing a pool of graduates who can prove to be a great asset for their organization. This kind of attitude and organizations with the clear message at the time of hiring that “we only prefer IBA and LUMS graduate”, creates a feeling of insecurity and being left out for the students of other institutes.

Being a graduate of Karachi University I have led a very balance and successful life and have excelled in my career because I had the willingness to perform better and better in my field. Not because I attended some preferred institute. Throughout my career, I have been enough competitive and this is a proof that anyone who is sincere to his career and is determine to proof himself can achieve heights.

This is my sincere advice to all the graduates who are applying for jobs such as jobs in international sales or in content and marketing , be confident and stay determined!

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Naveen, is a Karachi University graduate and a successful writer, journalist and retired teacher. After reading an  article in a leading newspaper of Pakistan, to check that whether the writer has some authenticity to his work or not I randomly searched the term “event management jobs in Pakistan” and the first link that i opened up had very clearly mentioned that only candidates from preferred universities only.

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