What does 2013-2014 Budget Brings for Pakistani Youth?

Whenever the reign of a new party comes, expectations reach heights and there have been very few times when our expectations have actually met reality. As most of the times interest of rich and influential is given preference over the interest of a common man. This year too, similar picture came on surface and once again budget was met with disappointment and shattered expectations.

When Muslim league N came into power with such a huge clean sweep, many expected a pleasant change especially in the major factors that define economy of any country. But it was a big disappointment to see that how things turned up. Before the party announced its budget, many speculated that major decisions regarding the economic factors will be seen and things will move to positivity for Pakistan. But the results proved otherwise.

Before the budget was actually announced by the party representatives it was leaked through sources that the budget was there to please the industrialists that is the supporters and financers of the party and that nothing was there for a common man. Taxes are the main source of revenue for any government and so as expected Muslim League has hit this sector and has introduced a new tax level of Rs. 150 billion that is most likely to hit the middle class sector Pakistan.

On the other hand imports are made cheaper thus increasing profit margins for the industry sector. This is surely going to impact the employment opportunities as more profit means more is there to re invest and more labor will be require likewise. But as far as a common man is concerned he is being crushed under the burden of taxes. There are many loopholes in the tax system of our country. Major players of the country evade taxes while the common man belonging to middle class is pressurized and is made to pay more and more taxes.

The main question that came into my mind was that what this budget of 2013-2014 has for the youth of Pakistan? Is there anything that the people of Pakistan specially the youngster can feel good or satisfied about it? Are there enough jobs created in field like software engineering jobs in Pakistan? I don’t think so. The reason being that the politician of Pakistan is too taken up by his own interest and in making his supporters happy, and he just misses the point that the fueling power of the nation that is the young blood is left unfed.


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Do Only LUMS and IBA graduates deserve a Good job?

How often have you heard or even experience if you are a graduate or a post graduate, companies saying “we only prefer candidates from LUMS and IBA”? Well I am quite sure that   you have heard this quite a lot and those who are not from these reputable universities, like me, often get annoyed by this statement that seems quite blatant and unprofessional.

Before we proceed with the article let me make myself clear that this article is not written to demean and disgrace any institute but just to show that remaining institutes are producing valuable and talented candidates too and these students are also worthy of equal job opportunities just as their counterparts in LUMS and IBA.

There is an open bias attitude that is apparent in the recruitment process of leading organizations that make pretty clear what their choice and preference is. This is strictly unprofessional attitude and must be pointed out to make sure that this behavior is not encouraging and is creating differences among the graduates on the basis of the universities they attended.

What these “respectful” organizations are missing is that there are talented and worthy candidates who may not be graduated from these preferred institutes but, these, if hired will prove asset for the company. We need to understand that organizations need talent and skills and that can be found even in a student who has not attended one of these preferred universities.

The purpose of this write up is to recognize that by limiting the profile of potential candidates, these organizations are missing a pool of graduates who can prove to be a great asset for their organization. This kind of attitude and organizations with the clear message at the time of hiring that “we only prefer IBA and LUMS graduate”, creates a feeling of insecurity and being left out for the students of other institutes.

Being a graduate of Karachi University I have led a very balance and successful life and have excelled in my career because I had the willingness to perform better and better in my field. Not because I attended some preferred institute. Throughout my career, I have been enough competitive and this is a proof that anyone who is sincere to his career and is determine to proof himself can achieve heights.

This is my sincere advice to all the graduates who are applying for jobs such as jobs in international sales or in content and marketing , be confident and stay determined!

Author’s Bio: 

Naveen, is a Karachi University graduate and a successful writer, journalist and retired teacher. After reading an  article in a leading newspaper of Pakistan, to check that whether the writer has some authenticity to his work or not I randomly searched the term “event management jobs in Pakistan” and the first link that i opened up had very clearly mentioned that only candidates from preferred universities only.

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Looking for Job Opportunities in Pakistan?

Being a professor and watching my students entering job market, gives me immense pleasure and sense of contentment that no word s can express. The feeling that your knowledge and experience is being utilized by the young and energetic talent of the country makes one feel on seventh heaven.  I have been in the profession of teaching for the past 15 years and in all these years I have seen many batches pass and reach their aims but there have been few batches that have made me really proud.

Writing is my passion and teaching my profession, both of them complete me and give direction to my life.  I was reading an article in a leading newspaper that talked about the recent graduates from a recognized university in Karachi.  Each year thousands of students pass and enter job market but a handful only makes it to the top level.  These in turn are seen as a ray of hope for the upcoming batches as they prefer students from their institute.

Many students that pass are already familiar with the job environment as they are made to do internship during their academic years and this gives them an idea that about the job dynamics. Internship is very necessary as it gives you a chance to see things differently and mould yourself according to the working culture.

In Pakistan the working culture differs from company to company and depending that whether it’s a multi-national like Unilever or GSK or a national such as National or Dawlance. The working culture itself is a big factor when it comes to joining and staying in a company. Usually it is seen that a size of a company is also an important judging factor. It is observed that small companies such as that comprising of 100 or less employees are not that much appealing specially to the fresh graduates. Fresh graduates want to start their career from a recognized and big name so that they have an impressive CV.

Starting your career such as say that you are  looking for procurement jobs in Pakistan or any other from a multi-national is no easy task in Pakistan just like in any other country of the world. It takes a lot of time, efforts and hard work. It’s a cumbersome task that usually starts when you are about to graduate, as many universities are seen flooded with representatives of leading companies conducting entry test and looking for the young and energetic talent for their companies.

About Author: 

Naveen is a columnist, journalist and has served as a professor and career counselor for a good 15 years of his life. He has been in this profession of free  lancing and journalism because writing is his hobby and passion and after getting retired from his job he is now pursuing his dream job! He has been writing for a couple of leading magazines and newspapers in Pakistan and his areas of interest has been education, careers such as helping those searching for jobs in Pakistan specially in the field of Event Management, for more details on careers you may find this link helpful: http://www.axact.com/careers/careertracks/public-relations/