Looking for Job Opportunities in Pakistan?

Being a professor and watching my students entering job market, gives me immense pleasure and sense of contentment that no word s can express. The feeling that your knowledge and experience is being utilized by the young and energetic talent of the country makes one feel on seventh heaven.  I have been in the profession of teaching for the past 15 years and in all these years I have seen many batches pass and reach their aims but there have been few batches that have made me really proud.

Writing is my passion and teaching my profession, both of them complete me and give direction to my life.  I was reading an article in a leading newspaper that talked about the recent graduates from a recognized university in Karachi.  Each year thousands of students pass and enter job market but a handful only makes it to the top level.  These in turn are seen as a ray of hope for the upcoming batches as they prefer students from their institute.

Many students that pass are already familiar with the job environment as they are made to do internship during their academic years and this gives them an idea that about the job dynamics. Internship is very necessary as it gives you a chance to see things differently and mould yourself according to the working culture.

In Pakistan the working culture differs from company to company and depending that whether it’s a multi-national like Unilever or GSK or a national such as National or Dawlance. The working culture itself is a big factor when it comes to joining and staying in a company. Usually it is seen that a size of a company is also an important judging factor. It is observed that small companies such as that comprising of 100 or less employees are not that much appealing specially to the fresh graduates. Fresh graduates want to start their career from a recognized and big name so that they have an impressive CV.

Starting your career such as say that you are  looking for procurement jobs in Pakistan or any other from a multi-national is no easy task in Pakistan just like in any other country of the world. It takes a lot of time, efforts and hard work. It’s a cumbersome task that usually starts when you are about to graduate, as many universities are seen flooded with representatives of leading companies conducting entry test and looking for the young and energetic talent for their companies.

About Author: 

Naveen is a columnist, journalist and has served as a professor and career counselor for a good 15 years of his life. He has been in this profession of free  lancing and journalism because writing is his hobby and passion and after getting retired from his job he is now pursuing his dream job! He has been writing for a couple of leading magazines and newspapers in Pakistan and his areas of interest has been education, careers such as helping those searching for jobs in Pakistan specially in the field of Event Management, for more details on careers you may find this link helpful: http://www.axact.com/careers/careertracks/public-relations/




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