Pakistan’s Self Employment is rising Due to Freelancing!

Pakistan is the third largest free lancing country and with that progress country is booming in self employment sector. Pakistan witnessed an increase in the internet connection and with that there has been a rise in the users of internet and needless to say that this increase is mainly in the sector of free lancing and self employment.

In a country where economy is already experiencing a downfall due to adverse economic factors, there increase in self employment is a ray of hope; a hope that country is going in the right direction and that with this progress more positive changes are expected. This change was also seen when in a recent graduating ceremony of a leading university in Karachi many young graduates were seen interested in their own businesses rather than giving interviews and going through the rigorous interview session and levels.

This site is said to be really happy with the way Pakistan has been performing as a free lancer and the people of Pakistan who have been participating energetically in this new type of employment. In total there are around 240,000 Pakistani registered as free lancers at Pakistan has been making waves and doing really good when compare to the surrounding competitive countries such as India, UAE and Saudia.

Byrnes, the person who is responsible for spreading the business of, has been spotted having some really nice comments about Pakistan emerging as a third largest freelancer country. He said that its remarkable that how Pakistan has been doing exceptionally well in this field and it is expected that in the years to come ahead more of such talent will be hunted in the country and the bar of self employment will be raised exponentially.

The best part is that Pakistan is not only running a good show in the giving end but it is also an active member at the receiving end. This means that not only is the country exceptionally well as a free lancer but it is also doing good as the clients as well, this can be seen from the fact that Pakistan is providing in total 4% of orders at, USA being the largest client with a share of 38%.

This development has fueled more development in jobs in content development. More and more people are now seeing content writing as their profession and are seeking it as a way of earning. This is a big step that will definitely boost the economy as increasing content development jobs will cause a positive impact on the economy over all. has reported that they have orders coming more for graphic designs and IT and it is good to see that not only rest of the world but also Pakistan prefers its content writers; specially the brand management jobs in Karachi are pretty much concerned with the job to hire content writers.