Rise in Online Writing Jobs in Pakistan!

The title of this article is taken from the post “Online Writing Jobs in Pakistan”. I found this post while I was searching internet for any updates in Pakistani economical and social conditions. I was a little surprised when I saw this post as it tells you a lot about the upcoming content jobs in Pakistan and it tells you the direction in which the country is about to move. In past few years the job market in Pakistan has been down and the conditions has been not so rosy. In such a situation it is good to see that many people are opting for jobs in content writing and free lancing.

This also explains that how Pakistan has become number one member of freelancer.com and how it has left behind India and other neighboring countries. Other reason that supports growing content writing jobs in Pakistan is the growing accessibility of the internet connection in Pakistan. Thanks to PTCL broadband there are now more people using the internet broad band than few years back.

One cannot ignore that technology and development has taken a sharp turn in the past few years and that no economy sector has left untouched by its impact. Due to this change in the technology there has been a sharp rise in careers that were not seen before and one such is careers and jobs in content development.  It is high time that universities should incorporate these new careers and should introduce courses accordingly.

Not far is the time when universities will come up with departments such as writing careers and others. This will help in boosting country’s economy and making it stronger by supporting new and emerging careers like content writing. It is good to see that content development jobs in Karachi are rising with each year and this sector is also contributing a good portion in the total GDP of the country.

Not everyone can be a freelancer and it is not easy to be a content writer. Many degree holders think that it is easy to be part of content writing industry and to be a free lancer but in reality it is really difficult to become a content writer as it requires the writing skills and the knowledge to perceive the write up and deliver what is exactly expected out of them by the other party.


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