How Far Will Rupee Rise Against Dollar?

Its been only two days and the news has already taken every Pakistani by surprise and positive hopes; hopes that this new government of PML-N will bring about the much needed change to the economy and with its effective policies soon the government will be able to stabilize the economy and with that win hearts of millions of Pakistanis.

Only few days back Rupee was standing at 107Rs per 1$ and in just two days the ration has been 98Rs to 1 $. Almost a decline of around 10 Rs has taken place in these two days and the speculations are that more is going to be experienced by the nation in the days to come and that if policies continue to show their impact than this year and the ones to come will bring positive for the country.

With the positive change we mean here more investment flowing in the country and more investors showing their interest and faith in the market. This change is very necessary for the economy as it will create the ambiance of positivity where by not only investors will be affected but also the internal job environment will be more favorable.

The question that is creating curiosity for many Pakistanis is, what is the limit to the Rupee rising and dollar falling? How far will Rupee rise? Well, no one can say for sure how much will Rupee rise but one thing for sure that in the days to come some more good news is about to come for the Pakistani and those who have invested heavily in the country.

The Finance Minister, Dar has said that it will take him some time to make the Rupee as much strengthen as it was way back in 1998. He has said that he and his government will try hard to stabilize the Rupee against Dollar and that government has already taken steps in this regard; such as according to a report new policy include using the financial institutes to invest in agriculture to boost economy. Moreover euro bonds have also been introduced in the market after such a long time.

Lets see what impact these steps will have on the Pakistani economy and what are the ways in which this positive comeback will impact the economical factors both at micro and macro level. For instance more jobs and careers will be created such as software engineering jobs in Karachi, content jobs, marketing jobs and many more.

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